Done and dusted - Mainland Superwinch Challenge Rnd 6 (Final)
Done and dusted - Mainland Superwinch Challenge Rnd 6 (Final)

Story by Vicky Newport photos by VN & Nathan Cheyne

Dunedin is a great venue with clubrooms complete with a huge bunk room, kitchen and showers on site and we were all up bright and early on Saturday morning with drivers’ briefing at 8.30am.

Fifteen stages had been set for the weekend, with one dropped, meaning we had 11 scheduled for Saturday.

Some stages were pretty tight for the bigger trucks, a few coming back with the odd scratch or dent.  The smaller trucks had a bit better run so the advantage was to have a small truck.

The weather was perfect, some of us even got a bit sunburnt.  All the stages seemed to be running pretty smoothly.  First trucks into some of the stages were bulldozing the mud out for the next so some did get easier as the day went on but in saying that some stages got worse so it was just luck of the draw. 

By about 1:30pm teams were starting to finish. Once all stages were done the scoring started.  Dinner was delivered around 5:30pm and prize giving 7:30pm-ish. 

With 2016 at an end we are all looking forward to 2017.  Information will start rolling out for this around February.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page “Mainland 4wd winching” for any updates. 

2017 will be a special year because it will mark 10 years of the “Mainland Winching Series.”

Finally, as always a big thanks to our main sponsor Superwinch and also to NZ4WD magazine. 



Round Results

Clubman Class

1. Brock/Nic 1272pts

2. Greg/Callum (Bal) 1177pts

3. Neil/Ann (Nel)  1176pts

Clubman-B Class

1. Trev/Jamie (Blen) 1190pts

2. Trent and co-driver (Inv)  215pts

Open Class

1. Richard/Zeke (Dun) 1297pts

2. Rowan/Chad (Nel) 1292pts

3. Malcolm/Dave (Tim) 1249pts

Outlaw Class

1. Mike/Tom (Dun) 1263pts

2. Mike/Sheryl (Blen) 1144pts

3. Scotty/Megan (Nel) 1112pts

for full results see the facebook page “mainland 4wd winching”

Series results


1. Neil/Chris – Ann (Nelson) 500 pts

2. Brock/Nic (Chch) 459 pts

3. Gregg/Callum (Bal ) 457 pts

Clubman -B:

1. Trev  and co-drivers (Blen) 500 pts


1. Rowan/Chad (Nel) 495 pts

2. Malcolm/Dave  (Tim) 470pts

3. Richard  and co-drivers 467pts


1. Mike/Tom (Dun) 480 pts

2. Scotty/Megan (Nel) 480pts

3. Mike/Sheryl (Blen) 460pts

 Vicky’s personal note:

Thanks everyone for your support in reading my articles, I hope they kept you interested in our sport.  I am also the face behind the “Mainland 4WD Winching” facebook page so if you have any queries feel free to message.  

To read the full story in the December 2016 issue of NZ4WD go to Ziniocom (November 21) or purchase your own hard copy at the Adrenalin store.

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