• Excitement was high at Colyton (near Feilding) on Sunday April 18 as several keen competitors rejoined the Club Truck Challenge (CTC) when everybody’s calendar opened up with a free weekend.
  • The old saying that ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same’ suits NZ’s booming utility market sector at the months. While we have lost some key players in the past 18 months – Mercedes...
  • It was a case of ‘third time’s the charm’ for 4x4Explorer’s Richard Soult on his latest attempt to find out what lies behind Shepherds Creek hut, in the Eyre Creek area west of Athol in Northern...
  • It’s been a while since we last updated Project 12K, probably so long some of you might have even forgotten we still had a budget project Jeep Cherokee. You can be forgiven for that too, as the...
  • Thundertruck racer Raana Horan took his shiny gold Nissan Titan V8 to outright victory in the inaugural Mickey Thompson New Zealand Stadium Off-road Racing Championship, held at Manukau in Auckland...
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