• Last month Kiwi Overlander Aaron Rich described his family’s entry into Tajikistan via a snowy mountain pass at 4,282 metres.This month they continued exploring Tajikistan’s Pamirs, reaching the...
  • Waitotara Valley Road is recognised as the longest no-exit road in New Zealand. This year, thanks to the Manawatu 4WD Club, NZ4WD Event Manager Ashley Lucas finally got to traverse it – from...
  • Whether you’re looking for a better, more responsive feel to your vehicle’s throttle pedal, or  to improve either your fuel economy or ability to tow,  the S-DRIVE Electronic Throttle Controller is...
  • As they traversed the Pamir mountain range through Tajikistan Kiwi Overlander Aaron Rich and his family spent several days at dizzyingly high (+3000m) altitudes –but lived to tell the tale!
  • While in the US visiting the SEMA Trade show last year NZ4WD columnist Peter Vahry figured it would be rude not to check out Moab’s famous rock-based trails. There are a great number of places in...
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