nz4wd July 2014

NZ4WD July 2014
Tour de Whanga
A great way to raise funds for the Whangamata community and a nice way to end the safari season with some decent four-wheeling action
Light test
Want to extend your off-road hours this winter? We test 12 of the top auxiliary lights and the photos speak for themselves
The right battery
Don’t run out of juice when you’re in a hurry or out in the back blocks. Get a decent battery and look after it
Series One run
On tour with the earliest Land Rovers as they head off-road in the Whanganui and Central Plateau region. Inspiring stuffff
Coast to Coast part 2
David Coxon finishes the first half of this trans-North Island adventure in the wonderful Rangitikei region
Superwinch Mainland Challenge
We head to Richmond, Tasman, for the first round of this tough South Island winch series. Impressive vehicles and skilful driving
Woodhill 100
All the action from this punishing enduro, still going strong after 35 years. Hard to finish, harder to win
Offroad Racing Mainland Challenge
Fierce rivalry and dramatic short course racing from West Melton, Christchurch
Rainforest Challenge Italy
Off-roading doesn’t get much tougher than the RFC, and the Italian round was no different in the extreme Isonzo River region