Ironman’s new LED range

Ironman 4x4 has released a range of LED lights tried and tested in Australian conditions, suitable for any application, from unique modular designs to full length light bars.

The 30W Modular LED light has a choice of flood or spot beam, and the lights can be joined in many variations including side by side and grouped.

Features include 3 x 10W Cree LED bulbs with either 30W spot or 30W flood beam. All have a polycarbonate lens cover with high strength and impact resistance, along with a diecast alloy housing. They can operate on a range of voltages from 10-30 V DC and have an output of 2,700 lumens with light colour of 6,000k. Units are 180mm long and are waterproof rated at IP67 level.

The universal LED light consists of 4 x 4W Cree LED lights, giving a total output of 16W. Again it can operate in a range of voltages from 10-30V DC, and output is 720 lumens at a colour of 6,000k. It also has a polycarbonate lens cover, diecast alloy housing, is waterproof to IP67, and has an adjustable mounting system.

Three light bars are available, and all come with polycarbonate lens covers, diecast alloy housings, and can operate of a range of voltages from 10-30 volts. All are waterproof and have 6,000k white light output.

The 30W unit consists of 6 x 5W Cree LED lights with and output of 2,700 lumens and is 276mm long with a spot beam.
The 60W light bar uses 2 x 5W Cree LED bulbs and is 516mm long. It has a brightness of 5,400 lumens and is available in a spot beam.

The largest of the light bars is the 90W. This unit is 756mm long and consists of 18 x 5W LED lights with a total brightness of 8,100 lumens. It comes in a spot beam.

Prices are very competitive; for full details contact your local Ironman dealer on 0508 IRONMAN or visit www.ironman4x4.co.nz

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