Luxury CAV from Kia

We’ve had SUVs for a time, and even SAVs. Now, blurring the line between Kia’s GT concept and a luxury CUV, (that’s short for Crossover Utility Vehicle) is the beautiful Cross GT concept shown at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show.
The Cross GT, says Kia, “seamlessly melds high technology with nature, creating a harmonious partnership between driver and vehicle that also respects our global environment. “ Purely conceptual, the Cross GT reveals Kia’s intentions to potentially offer a larger premium CUV than the current Sorento. CUV? We thought the Sorento was an SUV.
But can it go off-road? Well itr has some credentials, with a state-of-the-art 3.8-litre V6 hybrid, 8-speed automatic, and torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive, plus a pancake-shaped electric motor sandwiched between the V6 and transmission.
Combined, the V6 and electric motor produce 678Nm of torque and 298kW, with an all-electric range of 32 kilometres - sufficient to enable exhilarating performance, while delivering superior fuel economy and fuel efficiency.
At 3.09 metres, the Cross GT’s wheelbase is longer than Sorento’s by 40cm, and its overall length of 4.89m is 21cm greater than Sorento.
The 2m width is 12cm wider than Sorento, but the Cross GT’s overall height of 166cm is actually 4cm less, giving the concept a lower roofline than most large CUVs.
The Cross GT is designed to easily accommodate four passengers and their cargo in luxurious surroundings, but the large greenhouse, airy cabin and gently sloping hood give the Cross GT a nimble feel that’s at home in crowded urban environments.
The Cross GT’s sophisticated image is enhanced by the dual rear-hinged doors, more commonly referred to as “suicide” doors. The unique configuration allows for easy access to the rear bucket seats and affords generous views of the Cross GT’s premium textures and materials.
The cargo compartment is accessed through a “clam shell” design that incorporates a traditional glass hatch and a tailgate.
Use of advanced LED technology creates a strong and unique lighting identity that dramatically highlights Kia’s signature grille.  Letting light into the cabin is a multi-panelled sky light with hexagonal glass inserts that enhance the Cross GT’s premium design aesthetic.
Will it reach production? Kia says not – which probably means a version of it will….

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