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When Scott Newble, the man behind New Zealand’s first Opposite Lock outlet, set up shop in Christchurch he needed a work vehicle.

What he ended up with was much more, a rolling billboard for what he sells and what he can do for his customers in the form of the latest Ford Ranger 4x4 double cab ute.

After poring over the pictures and nodding appreciatively we asked Scott to outline exactly what he did.

“Right,” said Scott, “let’s start with the bar. I needed a platform to mount the accessories I need so it, if you like, was a given. In this case I used our Opposite Lock three-loop premium Bullbar finished in textured matt black powder coat.

“It’s a neat looking bar and has all the required compliances and compatibilities, so it got the nod.

“ To it I installed a Kingone TDS 9500lb electric winch because I like the reliability, the light weight and ease of use with synthetic winch rope. The bar also houses the Power Vision Nitro driving lights, because I like a lot of light more than any other LED system can provide, yes more. The 950m @ one lux is monstrous and class leading.

“The bar has three points to mount aerials built in, I only needed one.” 

To read the full story in the June 2016 issue of NZ4WD go to Zinio.com (May 23) or purchase your own hard copy at the Adrenalin store.

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