Ranger with the lot

How do you make your Ford Ranger stand out from the crowd? Auckland dealer John Andrew ford asked MCC4x4 Accessories for some ideas and the result is absolutely on point.
Once upon a time it was enough to add a monsoon and set of mudflaps. Now pre-delivery customisation of the new-generation of high-riding two and four-wheel-drive utes is the exception that proves the rule.

For some, particularly the largely urban-based contractor, tradie and consultant sectors, a set of large diameter mag wheels and low-profile tyres is enough to make their ‘work’ vehicle stand out from the crowd.
For those in rural areas, or those town and city dwellers who have been exposed to the joys of driving off-road, there is a whole new world of need, demand and opportunity.
Wheels – steel or alloy – might be smaller in diameter but more than compensated by taller, fatter and much more aggressively treaded M/T (mud) tyres.

Winch or not, the next step will probably be a front ‘bull bar’, followed closely by a snorkel and sealed airbox, then some suspension work, the later more than likely including a mild lift. And not forgetting an LED light bar or two!
The ‘look’ is distinctly New Zealand, without the ‘CB, fridge ‘n bravado’ bling popular across the Tasman, or the exotic tube work and long travel suspension the US mags deem necessary for a feature truck.
Leading the way here are dealers like, in the case of the Ford Ranger you see here, John Andrew Ford in Auckland.
The company has a long and proud history of sales and service in the Auckland region and over the years has been at the forefront of most of the customising and tuning trends.
Keen to put together a state-of-the-art Ford Ranger to showcase just what you can do to personalise a modern ute, they approached go-ahead Auckland-based 4x4 accessory importer, distributor MCC4X4 Accessories and asked them to kit up the demo model you see here.

To give you – the reader – an idea of what they did, and indeed, what you can do, we asked the guys at MCC4X4 Accessories to talk us through what they added.
“First of all, can I just say that these guys are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. And if you’re in the market for a fully loaded ute that is ready to go, make sure you visit the team at John Andrew Ford Grey Lynn.
“Now, to what went into the build.”

MCC Snorkel
“With the MCC4X4 snorkel for the Ford Ranger, no cutting or drilling into the vehicle is required. This is a simple ‘bolt-on’ product and can be removed later on and the vehicle put back into standard form.
MCC Phoenix 808-01 No Loop Winch Bar
“In this case our customer decided to go with the latest model Phoenix Bar with no loops on this truck. We love the clean look this bar creates. And loop options are available for customers who prefer it.
“With built-in LED daytime running lights this bar is the complete package.”

  • Winch-ready.
  • All MCC Bars are airbag approved.
  • Dual aerial mounts.
  • Spot light mounts.
  • Dual hi-lift jacking points.
  • Built in fog lights.
  • Built-in LED indicators.
  • Full fitting kit included.

Pre-drilled holes for parking sensors. (Has rubber caps for those that don’t have parking sensors. We also do bars which are compatible with the adaptive cruise control on the Wildtrak model.)
“We also fitted the optional extra underbody plates to this vehicle to complete the look.”
MCC Jack 022-03 Rear Bar with integrated tow bar
“The Jack Rear Bar is tough and functional.

  • Integrated tow bar – rated to 3,500kg. • Provides the most rear protection with tubular sides.
  • Twin number plate lights.
  • Twin recovery points.
  • Hi-lift jacking point.

Pre-drilled sensor holes. (Has rubber caps for those that don’t have reverse sensors.)
“We also fitted the optional extra checker plate top step to complete the look.”
Outback Armour 2” Lift Kit
“These are premium suspension components for those who desire superior ride quality. (And they come with a three-year unlimited km warranty).”

Struts and Shocks

  • Massive 60mm x 2mm body.
  • Seamless high pressure twin tube.
  • Heavy duty multi-disc valving.
  • High density engineered bushes.
  • Extra strong forged single piece strut leg.
  • High temperature multi-lip viton seal.
  • Performance high flow piston.

Coil Springs:
High stress vanadium alloy steel.
Engineered for specific vehicle applications.

Leaf Springs:
Engineered for specific vehicle applications.


  • U-bolts – high tensile, rolled threads.
  • Shackles – high tensile pins, greasable.
  • Bushings – endurance poly.
  • Pins – high tensile, greasable.

“That’s it as far as bolt-ons are concerned. Both John Andrew Ford and ourselves are very happy with the way the Ranger has come out. The look is fresh and modern with a nice aggressive yet not over-the-top look and the driveability has been enhanced.”

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