Recovery Equipment

Greg has four Toyota Land Cruisers, two 80 Series vehicles and two 100 series units.

The Land Cruisers operate in some of the remotest parts of the world, like the Gobi Desert region of Mongolia, the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan and the Atacama desert in Chile. They carry a lot of essential spares, food supplies and fuel so the equipment attached to them is essential to his operation.

On both the 1996 80 series (the old girl) and the 2002 100 series Greg has fitted Bull Bars, 9000lb winches and roof racks.However, generally speaking, he says, most of the recoveries he has had a hand in have involved moving other stranded or stuck vehicles off narrow mountain passes or out of sand.

Over the years Rally Tours staffers have facilitated some long distance tows, but generally it’s just a short haul across an intersection, in the case of a starter or clutch issue or perhaps a few kilometres to a hotel due to overheating in busy city traffic or an engine off situation while crossing a flooded river or section of road.

And what is the one piece of Recovery Equipment he would never leave the house without?

The answer to that is easy……a shovel!

To read the full story in the May 2016 issue of NZ4WD go to Zinio.com (April 25) or purchase your own hard copy at the Adrenalin store.

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