Southern men step up

Winch challenge competition returned to the Deep South this year thanks to a keen group of local enthusiasts says NZ4WD magazine correspondent Jared Gorrie. Photo by Chris Watson.

After finding a few helpers we decided to run a winch challenge in the southern area for the members of the local clubs.

The first day’s competition was on a property in the Wendon Valley north-west of Gore with 10 stages over the day - five in the morning and five in the afternoon, covering different terrains from swampy ground to hill climbs.

At the end of the day everyone was still running and we had only one truck have a DNF on a stage due to a jammed winch which they later repaired. All the guys came together and packed up the stages for the organizers and once everyone was packed up we transited to the next property – near Mossburn in northern Southland - for the following day’s competition.

After another night camping at the competition site we all rose to another day that was supposed to be fine and sunny but instead was foggy with heavy dew again. Because of this we decided to change the way we ran the second day.

What we came up with was five stages in the morning then a stage run on its own straight after lunch where everyone got to watch each other compete. We would then run the last four stages in the afternoon.

The prizegiving for the event was held at the Mossburn Railway hotel where everyone was well looked after by the proprietors, Tom and Vickie. The event was sponsored by Nat at the Invercargill Oil Shop and Ironman 4x4 and we would like to thank them for donating some very generous prizes for the competitors.

2016 Ironman 4x4 Southern Winch Challenge
1. Daniel Richardson & Shane Cairns 1852 points
2. Callum Calder & George Knight 1766 points
3. Keith Richardson & Finlay McRae 1761 points

To read the full story in the April 2016 issue of NZ4WD go to (on sale March 21) or purchase your own hard copy at the Adrenalin store.

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