Superwinch Mainland Challenge Round 4

The fourth and final round of the Superwinch Mainland Challenge was hosted by the Mid-Canterbury 4WD club at Makikihi south of Timaru over the October 16/17 weekend.

There were 18 entries for the final round, 15 part of the series and the other three for the event only.

After the event this is what some of the competitors had to say.

Scotty Newport
“Second stage in broke crown wheel pinion and diff lock in the front diff, just on an hour in the pits and rebuilt the diff. Nice dent in bonnet and guard from stage 8. Ran out of time and didn't start stage 13.”

Mike Holmes
“Broke an oil line, had two engine fires and lost three litres of oil out of the motor. No front locker most of the weekend and did a shear pin on the winch. Other than that all good!”

Adam Turner
“ Yea we burnt out one motor on the 2UP and blew the PTO gearbox. Apart from the winches giving out we were mint.”

2015 has been huge for us all in the Mainland, having 20 trucks committed to a four-round series is awesome. We are hoping 2016 brings five rounds and more 4WD enthusiasts old and new to enjoy the challenge and camaraderie.

A huge thank you to our main sponsor for 2015, Superwinch. Paul Ashman from Superwinch has donated four Talon 9.5 Superwinchs this year, one per round.

Remember to check out our Facebook page, Mainland 4WD Winching.

Results for 2015 Mainland Superwinch Challenge Series

  1. Neil and Ann Albury (Nelson) 395pts
  2. Pete Leslie/James Bishell (Blenheim) 357pts
  3. Gregg Craik/Matt Craig (Balclutha) 285pts


  1. Gordon Jackett/Scotty Newport (Nelson) 395pts
  2. Malcolm Wells/Dave Wall (Timaru) 375pts
  3. Richard and Rene Robb (Dunedin) 275pts


  1. Mike Holmes/Sheryl Wells (Blenheim) 385pts
  2. Robin Scaife/Paul Kelly - Jake Higgins (Wellington) 369pts
  3. Adam Turner/Daniel Tray Swift (Christchurch) 345pts

To read the full story in the December 2015 issue of NZ4WD go to (on sale November 16) or purchase your own hard copy at the Adrenalin store.

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