World first flat-pack truck

The world’s first ‘flat-pack’ truck – the Global Vehicle Trust OX – has been revealed in London, designed to provide low-cost all-terrain mobility for remote parts of Africa and the developing world.

Across Africa and other developing world, there is intense need for improved transport, for both everyday living as well as emergencies. The OX has been designed specifically to tackle a host of transport challenges, and to undertake crucial daily tasks, such as collecting drinking water and transporting grain, fertilizer or building materials.

The OX originated from the vision of one man – Sir Torquil Norman. Five years ago he founded the Global Vehicle Trust (GVT) to help people in the developing world by providing cost-effective mobility.

The OX’s revolutionary nature extends beyond the vehicle design because, uniquely, it is capable of being flat-packed within itself, enabling it to be transported more efficiently around the world.

It takes three people less than six hours to create the flat pack in the UK prior to shipping, and six of these flat packs can be shipped within a 40ft high-cube container.

Assembly labour is transferred to the importing country, where local professional companies will be employed to assemble and maintain the finished vehicles.

Beyond its revolutionary packaging design the OX is full of design innovations. For example, the tailgate does not merely contain the load in the back; it detaches completely from the OX and can be rotated lengthways to double as a loading ramp.

The rear bench seat bases also have a dual purpose. The long ‘egg crate’ frames can be removed from the vehicle and used as ‘sand ladders’ under the wheels to help the OX traverse challenging soft ground.

The only obvious omission is 4WD. Incredibly, considering where it is intended to end up, the OX is based around a front-wheel-drive chassis platform!