Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac 4x4 tyre

In its new Wrangler DuraTrac, Goodyear has come up with an all-terrain tyre which combines an aggressive look with features which tick all the various performance requirements boxes on as well as off the road.

The DuraTrac is the first tyre to feature Goodyear’s Tractive Groove Technology, marketing-speak to describe the height, width and angles of the channels between the tread blocks.

There are two distinct block lines, the aggressive looking M/T-style ones on the inner and outer edges and the angled ones in the centre.

After over 500kms of on and off-road testing we believe the new DuraTracs are a practical, versatile everyday tyre ideal for owners of dual-purpose 4WD utes and station wagons.
To read the full story in the September 2015 issue of NZ4WD go to Zinio.com (on sale September 21) or purchase your own hard copy at the Adrenalin store.

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