Destinations – The Molesworth

After missing out on a South Island trip due to not booking soon enough I decided that we would do the Molesworth trip run by the Molesworth Tour Company.

It was a four-day trip and a place I had been wanting to see for many years. My Grandfather used to often mention Molesworth Station when I was younger and seemed to have great knowledge of the station and its history.

The others consisted of a couple in an FJ Cruiser from Auckland, a couple in a Nissan ute from Cambridge, a couple of guys in a Jeep from Auckland and a guy travelling on his own who ended up riding with Geoff, plus my wife and I in a Land Rover Discovery 3.

The Crown-owned, and DOC-managed, Molesworth Station is 182,000Ha (about the size of Stewart Island) and New Zealand's largest Station. It supports the country's biggest herd of cattle, grazed by Land Corporation.

It was an excellent trip and Geoff's local knowledge was very much appreciated. There were certainly plenty of stories over the two-way radios and at various stops to keep us entertained!

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