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Want to plan an epic Australian 4WD adventure and need to convince the wife you actually know what you are doing?

After our great Aussie 4WD adventure articles published in the Dec, Feb and March issues of NZ4WD magazine I was asked by a number of people this question; how do you actually go about planning such an adventure from New Zealand?

Well it’s much easier than you think, so here are some helpful hints on how to plan one.

Let’s start with transport. Your options are to rent, buy, ship your own 4WD from NZ to Aussie or join a 4WD tag-a-long trip which sometimes supply you with the vehicle (however as this last option varies a lot I have not detailed it in this article). 

Rent a 4WD
This is a great option if you have limited time. Some of the most amazing outback adventures generally only require a vehicle that has high ground clearance and low range to tackle most road conditions provided you stay on the main track.

Buy your own 4WD
A lot of people sell very well set up rigs at the end of their journey very cheap so you can get a bargain if you have the time to wait or are flexible on pick up location. You can remove the risk of buying remotely by getting a local inspection company or 4WD shop to check the vehicle out for you. I found a fully-kitted 2000 Toyota Prado Diesel with 220,000km after a quick search for $13K AUD that someone has just used for the big lap and wanted to sell quickly in Broome.

Ship your 4WD from NZ
This isn’t as crazy as it sounds! We met a couple of people that did this because they were comfortable with their vehicle setup and knew how everything worked. You can also put all your gear inside so once it arrives in Australia you can hit the road with confidence. Once your adventure is complete you simply ship it all home again.

Once you are on the road your biggest expenses will be where you decide to rest your head, fuel and food. If you free camp and cook your own meals your expenditure will be comparatively low compared to eating out and staying in caravan parks but the main thing is if you are interested, definitely GO!

Australia is close and offers something for everyone and has some iconic 4WD trips to conquer – more on this in the next issue.

To read the full story in the September 2015 issue of NZ4WD go to Zinio.com (on sale August 17) or purchase your own hard copy at the Adrenalin store.

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