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In our July issue we test 12 of the best auxiliary driving lights available in New Zealand. Here are the specifications and features of each product, which we’ve taken from the manufacturers.
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4WD Bits LED light bar 30in spot and flood

4WD Bits LED light bar 30in spot and flood

Price: $649.99 (incl. GST)
Lux: 10,560

-          Over 50,000 hours average life span.
-          30 3W Oslon white LEDs
-          94 per cent optical efficiency
-          9 to 34 volt operating voltage
-          100 per cent optically clear Lexan lens.
-          Main housing 80mm deep and 45mm high
-          Instant on off, no warm-up time
-          Operating temperature from -30 celsius to +60 celsius
-          Large heat sink for continuous operation
-          IP68 rating, dust tight and immersable beyond 1 meter
-          Military standard breather
-          Weather-proof electrical connector
-          Meets US military standard MIL810-STD
-          Shock proof construction

ARB Intensity LED spot and flood

ARB Intensity LED spot and flood
Price: TBA
Lumens: 8,200; lux at 10m: 2,250 (flood 770)
Kelvin: 6,500

-          High pressure cast aluminium body
-          Virtually indestructible polycarbonate lens
-          Hard coated, durable polycarbonate protective cover
-          32 LEDs with 50,000+ hour lifespan
-          Goretex breather
-          MIL810-STDG vibration certified
-          RoHS compliant
-          Dust and waterproof to IP68 rating
-          Submersible to 3m
-          Over and under voltage protection
-          Integrated thermal management
-          Protected against radio frequency and electromagnetic interference
-          Deutsch DT-06 waterproof connectors
-          Heatsink with 15 fins to help prevent heat damage and extend longevity
-          Input: 10-36V DC
-          Power: 90W
-          Current draw: 6.25A at 14.4V
-          Spread: 10° full width (flood 20°)
-          Weight: 3.1kg

Hella Luminator Compact LED (pair)

Hella Luminator Compact LED pair

Price: $948 each
Lux and kelvin TBA

-          Briefly submersible (up to 5 minutes fording at up to 0.5 m in clear water)
-          Heavy-duty version also has a 2500 mm ventilation hose to permit fording, even in muddy water
-          75 per cent lower energy consumption than with xenon
-          Highbeam flasher emits light instantly
-          High-performance LED for long range
-          Complete illumination thanks to double-reflector technology
-          Light sources no longer need to be replaced
-          Integrated electronics and fins for passive cooling
-          May be mounted upright or suspended
-          Rugged metal housing and sturdy holder
-          12V/11W, 24V/11 W (multivoltage)
-          Highbeam headlight with reference no 45 and ECE-approval 3738
-          Weight 2,130g

Hella Rallye 4000 (halogen) pencil and spread

Hella Rallye 4000 halogen pencil and spread

Price: Spread $236; pencil $246
Lumen 2,500
Kelvin 3,000

-          Tempered glass lens
-          Matte black metal housing
-          Knurled knobs for fast lamp adjustments
-          Designed for the most extreme driving conditions
-          Color Shieldz protective laminates available in yellow, smoke or blue
-          Voltage: 12V DC
-          Beam Pattern: euro, cornering, pencil
-          Power Consumption: 100W
-          Housing Material: Die-cast zinc
-          Optics: reflector/lens
-          Lens Material: glass
-          Mounting Bracket: Die-cast zinc
-          Approval: ECE (for -031 versions only) all other versions N/A

Hella Rallye 4000i Xenon HID pencil and spread

Hella Rallye 4000i Xenon HID pencil and spread

Price: $1180 each
Lumen 3,200
Kelvin 4,100

-          Internal ballast for mounting flexibility
-          Optics free glass lens for a modern design
-          Voltage: 12V
-          Beam pattern: flood, pencil, driving
-          Light Source: D1S xenon capsule
-          Ballast Unit: Integrated Ballast - Gen 4
-          Power Consumption: 35W
-          Housing Material: Die-cast Aluminum
-          Optics: Reflector
-          Lens Material: Glass
-          Bracket: Die-cast Aluminum
-          Approval: ECE (Driving and Flood Beam Only) Pencil Beam N/A

IPF Sport 900XS spot and driving

IPF Sport 900XS spot and driving

Price: TBA
Lux: 19 at 100m
Kelvin: TBA

-          130W high performance H3 halogen bulb
-          Hardened glass lens
-          Double coated metal reflector
-          Massive internal gussets for strength
-          Multi directional mounting system
-          Available with round or rectangular body
-          Supplied individually or as a kit
-          Dimensions: rectangular 214mm x 147mm x 112mm deep
-          Available through ARB

Ironman 30W LED light bars – spot and flood

Ironman LED 30W light bars spot and flood

Price: $225 plus GST each
Lumens: 2,700
Kelvin: 6,000

-          3 x 10W Cree LED
-          30W spot beam
-          Multi voltage: 10-30v DC
-          Polycarbonate lens cover
-          180mm (7in) long
-          IP67 waterproof
-          Adjustable mounting system
-          Diecast Alloy Housing
-          Modular application for multiple bars

Ironman LED 90W light bar

Ironman LED 90W light bar

Price: $525 plus GST
Lumens: 8,100
Kelvin: 6,000

-          18 x 5W Cree LED
-          90W spot beam
-          Multi voltage: 10-30v DC
-          Polycarbonate lens cover
-          756mm (30in) long
-          IP67 waterproof
-          Adjustable mounting system
-          Diecast alloy housing

Lightforce 170 Venom 50W HID (pair)

Lightforce 170 Venom 50W HID pair

Price: $770 incl. GST single unit
Lux: 1 at 1,350m
Kelvin: 4,200

-          A unique 25mm shallow format design especially for today’s new generation SUV’s
-          Hi-Tech LEDs surround the corners for improved pedestrian safety and an added level of distinction no previously seen in the Lightforce range
-          Genuine IP65 rating, dust tight and water proof with Gore® Protective Vents (IP57/67/68/IP69K) to protect against moisture / contaminant ingress
-          Corrosion resistant featuring a salt spray rating to ISO 2007
-          EMC approved with low radio interference, suitable for OEM installations
-          German engineered Osram ballast and bulb for a rapid start up, quickly achieving full brilliance.
-          The superior Osram bulb delivers a full spectrum 4200k colour temperature with good contrast for long distance driving
-          50W HID VENOM 1360m @ 1LUX
-          Weight 900g
-          Clear spot clip on filter supplied – combo & crystal blue spot filters available
-          Available 12V and 24V

Lightforce 240 XGT HID 50W (pair)

Lightforce 240 XGT HID 50W pair

Price: $1,295 incl. GST single unit
Lux: 1 at 1,500m
Kelvin 4,200

-          Distinctive red anodised bulb holder
-          Easy install with Integral ballast all installed within the housing
-          Available in either 12v (13.5v) or 24v (27v) operation, specify when ordering
-          5,200 lumen output, an impressive 62% increase over conventional 35w HID
-          Produces over double the intensity of the standard 35w HID light
-          Light output: 1 lux @  > 1500+m
-          European manufactured Gen 5 ballast with complete testing approvals and comprehensive certification
-          5,200 lumen
-          3000 hours rated bulb life. (based on standard switching cycle)

Narva Ultima 175 broad and pencil (halogen)

Narva Ultima 175 halogen broad and pencil

Price: $275 pair
Kelvin: 3,000

-          Power consumption: 100W
-          Glare shields for driver comfort
-          Rotary cup mounting system
-          Impact resistant
-          Weight: 2kg

Narva Ultima 225 HID (broad and pencil)

Narva Ultima 225 HID broad and pencil

Kelvin 4,150

-          Power consumption: 35W
-          D1S globe
-          Impervious to vibration
-          12V/24V
-          ‘Virtually unbreakable’ polycarbonate lens
-          Glass reinforced polymer housing
-          Waterproof connectors
-          Unique glare shield
-          Impact resistant housing
-          Aluminium reinforced mounting system with crush tube
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